Front Porch Stories


I'm Chelsea, a small town girl from Tennessee. I married my high school sweetheart, who drags me around the world! And of all those places, My granny & papa's front porch swing is my favorite place to be.I find true value in Southern Hospitality, and pride myself on my warm and welcoming nature, and my desire to serve and inspire others.

My sweet, simple and southern upbringing allowed me to stretch my imagination, and encouraged me to find beauty in the simplest of days.

My great love affair with writing and photography goes back as far as I can remember. Some of my earliest childhood memories include my pink Barbie camera and a notebook. I couldn't begin to tell you the number of cameras and pens that have passed through these hands. But, it took the birth of my first child to give my the courage to trust God, and take the leap of faith to turn my passions into a profession. The inspiration stuffed into ten tiny fingers, and ten tiny toes is incredible.

It's an honor and a privilege to be welcomed into your homes and your lives. I hope you will see me not just as a photographer, but also as a friend, someone you would want to hang out with. That's when you have found the perfect photographer for you, and when you allow yourself to let your guard down and be yourself in front of the camera.

As a photographer, my favorite moments are when you forget I'm there. Then I can capture the true love in his eyes as you walk down the isle, the smile a mama only gives her babies, the touch of a hand when a daddy holds his baby for the first time, the first kiss as husband and wife, the moment you each gaze into your newborn babies eyes, your daughter's toothy grin, your son in his muddy all boy nature, the soft silhouette of your wedding gown. In those moments, you allow me to fully capture your story. When you look back at a photograph- at that 1/1000th of a moment- that I captured with my lens, it could have the power to transplant you right back into that moment, that day, that incredible part of your story for decades. This is photography. This is why my camera is an extension of my heart, and why I see photography as a family heirloom.