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Cannon Knox || One Month

This is a re-posting from my previous blog.

Our baby boy is a month old! It has been the craziest, sleepiest, wildest, and best days of our lives! Not to get too mushy gushy on you, but I never truly understood my full purpose in life until I spent the last month caring for this little guy. Logan and I talk all the time about how excited we are to watch Cannon grow up, while at the same time, we want him to stay little forever. I whole heartedly wish I could document every single moment of every single day of this little guys life. And if you were to check my iPhone, you would probably think I am trying to (and lets be real, I am).

One month highlights:
-You weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces at your one month well baby visit.
-We cut gluten out of mommy's diet and you gained 10 ounces in 6 days after gaining very slowly up to that point.
-You have met all of your grandparents and the greats are anxiously awaiting the holidays!
-It is a constant debate on who you look like. We all see features from mommy and from daddy. Mommy and Daddy think you have your own look which we had hoped for!
-You can roll from your tummy to your side and to your back, but you can't do the reverse just yet.
-When I found out I was pregnant with you, I knew I wanted to breastfeed you. But I always thought "if I can" so I made small goals for myself. We have met the first goal of feeding you for a month. Now my goal is to make it past the 6 week mark because I have heard terrible things about not being able to keep with demand.
-You have had three baths in your tub and a few "floosy" baths with a wash cloth on the bed.
We are amazed at how strong you are. Mommy was never able to "manipulate" your little newborn body for pictures because you were always too strong. You can hold your head up amazingly well. Your legs are so strong we are shocked that you actually put your feet on our legs or the bed when we "stand you up." And you hold them there for way longer than we can even believe. Sometimes when we lay you on your back, you do leg lifts- yours look way better than mom's!
-Knock on wood, no baby acne yet! You might get a little bump or two here and there, but nothing major.
-We "thought" you day from night at about a week and a half. We talked to you during the day and basically couldn't speak to you at night. We kept it bright during the day, and dark at night. And within a few days, you got the point!
-We are working on your schedule. We started with a feeding schedule, and a sleep schedule is falling in place behind. After the holidays we are going to focus on "fixed times" rather than the hour depending on the day. We like to take baby steps with you. Doing one thing at a time. We started with night/day, feeding, now sleeping. You seem to respond well to the "baby steps."
-You sleep best when we break all the rules. We out you in our bed and it is amazing how long you will sleep. We let you nap on your tummy and you would nap for hours if I let you.
-Loud noises do not seem to phase you.
-You love when your dogs kiss you. You can not afraid of them at all which was a surprise to us.
-You have my temper. Sorry Logan!
-I wish I could say you are an "easy going babe" but you are far from it. You often know what you want and you have no patience for us to get it to you.
-You do not have a "bed time" because right now things just go day by day. But we usually find our way to the bed sometime between 8:30-9:30pm.
-Your favorite place is mommy's arms or daddy's chest.
-We moved you to size 1 diapers on October 30th.
-We have used way more diapers than I ever thought imaginable! You hate a wet or pooed diaper more than anything in the world! And you can thank your mom and your dad for making you that particular.
-You went to your first pumpkin patch at 2 weeks! You were a great sport!
-When you get real mad, you scream your face off! You seriously hurt my ears and I get an instant headache. Luckily that is getting scarcer everyday as we all learn more about each other.
-One of my favorite things is how skeptical you are of everyone and everything. You constantly look like you are trying to figure the world out.
-You have peed the bed twice in the middle of the night. That's real fun at 4am!

Loves || Nursing, Being held, Bouncing, His puppies, Snuggling, Country music, The ceiling fan, Running Errands, Laying on his tummy, His car seat.

Hates || Dirty Diapers, Diaper changes, Changing clothes, Being put down, Getting off routine

Clothes || Newborn clothing fit perfect right now. Footed outfits are quickly getting short though. I imagine he'll be moving up to 0-3 months within a week ish.
Weight || At birth, Cannon weighed 6.11 but at his first well baby check up (1 day after going home, 3 days old) he was down to 6.3, I blame his latching issues. At his two week check, he was back to his birth weight, and at his one month check he came in at 7.12.

Diet || Breastfeeding, although he has had two boobiemilk bottles . We did have to use a nipple shield some for the first two and a half weeks. He could latch in anything but my nipple. I blame laziness on his part. At three weeks we discovered he has a gluten intolerance and had to make the decision to put him on special formula or cut gluten from my diet. It was a pretty easy decision. He eats every three hours usually for an hour or so. I think he is taking 3 or 4oz each feeding.

Health || A perfectly healthy baby now that we have kicked gluten out. Sleep || Sleep varies day to day. He usually spends a couple hours awake hanging out with me after he wakes up and eats. Some morning he will take one long nap other mornings he takes a few small naps. He pretty consistently takes one long nap in the afternoon. We have been able to move his afternoon nap time up enough that he goes to bed around 8 or 9. Occasionally he will wake up sometime before midnight to eat but his "dream feed" is not consistent. If he does not get his dream he will wake up around 1:00-2:00am. If he does get his dream feed he usually sleeps until 3:30-4:40am. After the holidays, We are hoping to tighten up or schedule a bit and set him on times. Our plan is easing into things.

Mood || We have a strong little man on our hands. Personality and physically. He came home from the hospital able to support his own head the majority of the time. He also knows what he wants and when he wants it and that is usually immediately. He also fights sleep, but he is getting much better at putting himself to sleep. Like most babies, he gets fussier in the evenings. Milestones || According to The Wonder Weeks (thanks Aunt Camille), Cannon seems to be a little "early" on his milestones. He hit his "changing sensations" leap about 8-10 days early. He smiles and has been for about two and a half weeks. The baby coos and goos have been going on for about a week. The very best is when he looks at me and smiles! He also loves making faces with his daddy!

Nicknames || Little fella, Chicken butt, Little Man, Nugget, C, Buddy, Bubba, Angry elf

I am || Enjoying my new found Mommyhood 99% of the time. But there have been a couple nights I haven't been able to get the baby back to sleep that have been very frustrating. And yes, I have cried once and ended up waking Logan up to help. I really try not to wake him up during the week, but that night, I was done. But the rest of the time I love being a mommy and love our baby so much!!

Logan is || A HUGE help! I almost cried when he went back to work, and panicked a little thinking about being alone with the baby. He helps so much, even if it's just filling up my water while I feed the baby. But usually "bigger" things like changing diapers and taking the baby so I get a few "mommy minutes" every day. The dogs are || Not at all what we expected. We thought Hollie would hate the baby and Rucker would be all about him. That is not the case at all. Hollie LOVES the baby. I am pretty sure she thinks he is her's. She sits with whoever is holding him, checks on him when he cries, and snuggles with him. Rucker is hit and miss. Some days we refer to him as Mother Rucker (haha) because he is all about the baby. Other days Cannon does not exist to Rucker.

What I want to remember || Um... EVERYTHING! But if I had to pick a few, I never want to forget the moment you were finally born and all I wanted was to get my hands on you. There was so much going on in the room but I couldn't tell you one single thins, I just wanted you. And the look on your dad's face when he held you and brought you back over to me. Be still my heart. The first time we saw you smile and coo at us. Everything you do makes us so proud except when you scream your face off. Your first Halloween. You in your dinosaur outfit- oh those dino feet!!

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