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Cannon Knox || Eight Months

- Thanks to a little rash, we made an unplanned trip to the doctor this late last week. Cannon, you weren't measured, but you do weigh 17.8 pounds.
- Cannon, you have been in size 3 diapers for several months now.
- Crawling everywhere! Standing all the time, taking assisted steps, let's just say you are very mobile!
- Loves music, and even started dancing! One evening, you were hanging out in your crib while we were putting away your clothes. Dad was singing, and you started dancing. It was more of a rock your upper body back and forth while holding on to your crib, but hey, you have to start somewhere.
-Just a couple days later, you started moving your head (May 30th). It looks very much like a "no," but you only do it when music is on, or someone is singing. Plus, your "no: is slightly different.
- You have two favorite songs. Jason Derulo, "Want to Want me" and Selena Gomez, "Hands to Myself."
- Right before turning 8 months, you started shaking your head no. It is your go to answer for everything; sometimes even before we can get the entire question out.
- Loves food and loves nursing!
- Loves bath time!
- We are amazes by how much you have for each of us!
- Practicing waving "hi" and "bye," but they still need some work.
- You have two teeth currently coming in.
- You have the bluest eyes in the world, and everyone comments on them.
- You also have clear hair. An older woman stopped us while we were on vacation and hold us her children had clear hair too when they were younger. In all seriousness, your hair is coming in quickly. It is very light for the most part, and only a couple inches long, but it's there!
- This month, you climbed the stairs for the first time (May 10th).
-You busted your mouth this month (May 12th). I'm not sure really how you did it, but somehow you hit your mouth on our coffee table. At first I thought you only hurt yourself, but when I grabbed you up to calm you down and hug you, you pulled away, and I saw the blood.
-You already test the limits. I never imagined I would have an eight month old that would test the rules and see just how far he can get like you do. As I am telling you "no", you keep reaching for said object, look at me with your head slightly tilted to the cutest angle possible, and smile at me. Where did you learn this?

Loves || Standing, drinking from a sippy cup, listening to music, bath time, dancing, the dogs (playing with Rucker and cuddling with Hollie), when Dad comes home from work (it may be your favorite thing), nursing, food, your reflection, being in his Lillebabe, other babies, tickles, kisses, cuddles, mom and dad, cords (seriously, he is obsessed)

Hates || Teething and not getting your way

Clothes || Busting out of 9 month clothing. Literally, we can only keep the crotch snapped in about 1/2 of your outfits.

Weight || 17.8 pounds!

Diet || Anything and everything! You still nurse and love it! I had originally planned to nurse you until around a year, but now I am thinking that you will probably nurse until you decide it's not for you anymore. You would not be a fun kid to ween. You nurse for 10-15 minutes roughly 6-8 times a day. You also have at least three small mason jars of purees a day as well as bites off of my plate, some cheerios, and other little snacks throughout the day.

Teeth || This month you started cutting two teeth. The first pushed through around May 16th and the second one showed up around the 1st of June. Teething is not your thing. You have had your first real (and terrible!!!!) diaper rash, a fever, and been in obvious pain. You will try to bite anything; me, a toy, the table, the dogs... Sometimes you get so frustrated you try to bite your arm. When you can't,  you make an almost growling sound and shake your head in frustration.

Health || You have always been a very healthy little guy but teething really kicked your booty this month. You also had an allergic reaction to your sunscreen.

Sleep || Sleep is so inconsistent with you. If we are home and keeping you on your routine and there aren't any health factors, you sleep like a champ. But if you are not in your bed, your routine gets shaken, you are cutting teeth, going through a growth spurt, or a developmental leap, you sleep terribly! If anything gets off of your normal your sleep is the first thing affected. When you sleep through the night, you sleep from 7:30/8:00pm-6:00/6:30am. You typically take two naps during the day. Your morning nap starts around 8:30/9:00 and last 1.5-2 hours. Your afternoon nap is usually around 3:30 and lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

Mood || As long as things are going your way, you are the happiest baby in the world! You have the biggest smile in the world, and have already perfected the smyze. But if you are not getting your way, or things are not the way you think they should be, your mood flips so fast.

Milestones || Responds to his name, some verbal interaction (he jabers to answer us if we ask him questions), and appears to understand thing we say based on his interaction with us.

Nicknames || Can, Can-Can, Miran, Can-Miran, Bald Dog

I am || Having a blast with you! I am doing so much better now that we are on some sort of a routine. Sorry dude, but mom thrives on structure.

Logan is || Loving being a dad! He really loves having bro time with you. I'm fairly certain these two are best friends.

The dogs are || Much better adjusted!! Hollie is there when you want to cuddle or pull her hair and Rucker is there to chase and be chased, oh and of course to share toys.

What I want to remember || I say it every month, but everything! This month you have really turned into a little toddler with your own big personality. When we are in social settings, you will stop at nothing to get an onlookers attention. You will talk to them, stare at them, and lean as far into their line of sight as you can without falling out. You love people, and you want them to love you. I hope I never forget how cute you are doing this!

Chelsea Farley