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Cannon Knox || Five Months

Weight: 16 pounds
Height: 25 ½ inches (these stats were done at our house, so they are totally accurate.)

-Rolls like crazy!! Diaper changes and getting C dressed have become quite the challenge! There really is no stopping him! (physical)
-Cannon always finds a way to get where he wants to go. Either rolling, pulling himself, pushing off the floor, or his current version of crawling (rocking back and forth on his knees until he move at least a little). (physical)
-Cannon is a decent sleeper. He typically sleep most of the night. He goes down between 7:00-8:00pm. He wake sometime between 1am and 3am. Sometimes he eats and falls right back to sleep, but occasionally he does fuss because he wants all of us to get up. Cannon is even known to enjoy talking to himself. But whatever happens, he does fall back to sleep, and sleeps until 7:00-8:00am. (sleep)
-This month we have ventured into the world of “Baby Lead Weaning.” Cannon is very interested in food and with each thing we give him, his curiosity grows. (diet)
-This month Cannon started showing real interest in finding a “security blanket.” He likes to use two of his fingers or his puppy lovey.
-Over the weekend, prior to turning 5 months, Cannon hit a growth spurt! I swear it seemed like within just a few days He out grew his clothes. 3-6 month at Target are way too tight. 3-6 months from Gymboree legs are too short. Right now 6 months from Carter’s are pretty much the only thing fitting and I give that another month or less. (clothing)
-We moved him up to size three diapers that same weekend. (clothing)
-Celebrated his first Valentine’s Day. (Milestones)
-Got his first shoes, Black baby Converse. (Clothing)
-He started showing major interest in food. He would look into our plates and then started pulling on our plates. We started giving him pieces of our food, which only grew his curiosity in food. (Diet)
-As long as things are going Cannon's way, he is the happiest little guy around! If one thing goes “not like Cannon thinks it should,” his world quickly comes crashing down.
-Cannon regularly nap in his big boy bed, and we will soon be moving him into it-at least for the first part of the night. (Milestone)
-Cannon love people. He is a total balance of your dad and me. He is so skeptical like his dad but social like me. When we are out, Cannon stares at people until they talk to him. He thinks everyone should be talking to him and giving him attention. (social)
-He loves to see pictures of himself or other babies. We aren’t sure if he realize the pictures of him are actually him or if you just thinks they are another baby/person. But he LOVES to talk to them, smile at them, and attempt to touch them. (social)
-This month I taught Cannon how to splash in the tub. He is truly fascinated by it and it has totally changed bath time!

-Likes: mommy’s singing, dancing, music, bath time, hanging out with Dad, The puppies-especially Rucker, talking, playing with his feet, reading books, chewing on things (especially mom and dad’s hands), new places, hands, talking, smiling, being tossed in the air, being “tossed” on the bed, laughing, splashing in the bath,

-Hates: The car seat, taking medicine

-Nicknames: Can, Can-Can, Buddy, Little Man, Baby Boy, Cutest Baby Boy in the World, Fella,

P.S. I'm apparently missed placed some photos as well, because his traditional monthly photo shoot is no where to be found.

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