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Cannon Knox || Four Months

-Weight: 14 pounds (24%)
-Height: 24.5 inches (19%)
-Diet: Boobie milk
-In the clothing department, we just moved C to size 6 clothing at Carters and he is wearing 3-6 month clothing from Target, Baby Gap, Old Navy, and Gymboree.
-Size 2 diapers. We bought a new box about a week ago, and when we make it through them, we are planning to move you to size 3.
-Cannon just learned to splash in the bath.
-C kicks his legs all the time! He likes to be held facing out so he can kick his legs all over the place. It looks like you would run miles or bike for miles if we set him down.
-C is really into toys these days. He has some obvious favorites as well. He loves his Hungry Caterpillar (We call it the Hangery Caterpillar), his Hungry Caterpillar book, his puppy lovey (it’s actually to hold his paci but he just likes the puppy), and I like to throw in a couple different toys from time to time to keep him interested.
-Cannon is also teething. I have been saying he is teething since around Christmas because he randomly started drooling ALL. THE. TIME. Now he is cutting at least one, maybe both, of his bottom teeth.
-On January 21st Cannon rolled from his back to his belly for the first time. He now loves hanging out on his belly. He can even prop himself up on his elbows and look around.
-He holds his head up incredibly well. He can move his head around with no problems. Everyone we run across, including his doctor, comment on how well he holds his head up.
-On January 27th he started fully rolling over. He can go from back to belly and belly to back. He also pushes off with his feet and occasionally tries to pull his knees up under him. He scoots himself all over the floors. We aren’t 100% sure how he does it because we can never seem to catch him in action.
-He loves to look at yourself in the mirror.
-We purchased him his first shoes this month- Black Chuck Taylors. He also got your first pair of sunglasses, baby wayfarers
-And on February 2nd, I clipped his toenails for the first time. I know… obviously, he is the first baby!
-It’s easy peasy to get him to smile and laugh!
-C thinks EVERYONE is there to talk to and hang out with him. He lets anyone around know he is not happy if he is not getting everyone’s attention. The good thing is, as long as we look at him, and talk, all is good. So Logan and I have conversations looking at him.
-C loves his feet. Occasionally, he does try to suck on your toes, and usually succeed.
-You love anything your dad does! Like for real, the two of you are the biggest buds ever. You love when he does push-ups over you. It makes you laugh like crazy. He can do anything and as long as he does it with a smile, you love it and laugh.
-You are ALL BOY! In lack of a better way to say it, you are balls to the walls. I am actually already fearful of the number of trips we will make to the ER.
-You are really starting to love your dogs! You grab handfuls of Hollie’s hair and pull it. You even reach for her if she is just out of reach. You also love petting Rucker’s face and only squinsh your eyes a little when he licks you in the face.
-You have balance of mom and dad. You are still skeptical of people, but you also love to flirt. It’s and interesting balance.
-Your face looks just like me. Your body looks just like dad.
-We tried out your stroller with the “big boy seat.” You were still not a fan. You prefer the Lillebaby for sure!
-You have started crying like for real. It is a sad little cry with real tears. It’s gut wrenching!
-At 3 months and 2 days, Cannon started napping in his own crib.

-Morning time with Mom or Dad but when both can be there it’s the very best!
-When Mommy and/or Daddy smile at him
-Play Gym
-Playing on his belly or back
-Kicking his legs
-Books (Cannon started LOVING books this month)
-Diaper changes
-Playing bicycle
-Splashing in the bath
-Gripping and pulling mom’s hair
-Grabbing our faces while we talk to you.
-Chewing on Dad’s hands

-His car seat, especially when you're not in the car.
-Taking a bottle. C will not take a bottle for me or Logan but will for Mimi T.
-Not being held. This guy wants to be held ALL THE TIME!
-Sleeping. Oh hello 4 month sleep regression. I really thought we would skip this because Cannon was already waking roughly three times a night still. But oh was I wrong! Cannon has been going to bed around 8:00. He wakes at 11:30, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30-6:00. And sometimes he likes to throw in a 10:30 wake up or maybe wake up as soon as I lay him back in his bed.
-When Mommy cleans the boogies out of your noise.

Baby Gear:
-Lille baby carrier
-Play gym
-car seat
-Kate spade diaper bag
-HALO sleep sack
-White Carter’s long sleeve onesies
-Cloud B Sound Giraffe
-Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets are back in play
-Baby “Paper” (crinkly fabric)
-Boogie wipes

Nicknames: C, Baby C, Bud, Buddy, Chicken Nugget, Nugs, Baby Nugs, Babiest Boy, Cutest Boy in the World

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