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Front Porch Stories

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Cannon Knox || Nine Months

Loves || Baths, crawling, attempts at walking, pushing your push toy and bumble bee car, your toy hammer, your doggies, talking, people, music, dancing (seriously kid, you bob your head to the background sounds on television), eating, using a sippy cup, nursing, and of course, anything you aren't supposed to play with

Hates || Your car seat, diaper changes, getting dressed, shopping carts (especially if mom is Pushing-funny how that works, am I right?)

Clothes || Some 6 months (depending on how many times they have been washed, and where they are from), 9 months seem to fit the best, but we do have a few 12 month pieces. Size 2 in shoes (even though we cannot keep ANY on for the life of me) and size 4 in diapers.

Weight and Height || 18 pounds 11 ounces (29th), and 28' in length (28th)

Diet || Um, everything! THIS. BOY. LOVES. CHOW. In fact, we have come to find if we say, "Cannon do you want some chow?" you crawl as fast as you can into the kitchen. You have seriously cut back on nursing; typically nursing 4-5 times a day (almost in half from last month). You always want to nurse first thing in the morning. You even cry when I let the dogs out before feeding you. And it isn't a little "I didn't get my way" cry, it's a full blown "I'm heartbroken" cry. I always let the dogs out first, so I thought you would be used to this by now but I obviously not. Anyways nursing.... you get a little milkie snack before your morning nap, sometimes after said nap, sometimes before your afternoon nap, and before bed. You also eat three full meals a day and have one afternoon snack.

Breakfast is usually a few handfuls of cheerios and an entire banana or a bowl of apple sauce. Lunch and dinner is whatever we are having (as long as it is baby safe). Your plate us typically the same size as mine, and you typically eat every single bite. You really love food baby boy! I have to say I have some serious concerns about feeding you as a teenager. You'll eat anything but peas and cauliflower.

Teeth || Still at two, but you are undoubtedly cutting some more.

Health || You are still a healthy little boy, but you do have your dad's allergies.

Sleep || Right now you are sleeping like a champ!! You wake up between 6:30-7:00, your morning nap starts around 9:00 until 11:00/11:30. Your afternoon nap isn't as regimented partly because we are typically out in the afternoon, but you do like to nap for an hourish around 3:00 or 4:00. You go to bed between 7:30-8:00, and luckily, I couldn't tell you the last time you woke up in the middle of the night.

Mood || You are a very very very happy boy! You love people, are extremely social and friendly, and generally love life!

Milestones || You have been crawling for sometime now, you push your toy, the bar stools, and your high chair all over the place, walk with assistance from us or the furniture, and have taken a few unassisted steps. You are completely comfortable playing by yourself for a few minutes ever morning, you jibber-jabber all the time, shake your head "no" and in context, waving "hi" and "bye, shaking hands, and giving high fives,

Nicknames || Little Man, Mirany, Can-Can, Cana-Miran, Wee Man

I am || Feeling happy and adjusted. I think I have finally learned to mange my expectation for myself and that has had a positive impact on our entire family, and my relationship with other! Of course, like ever momma my to do list is never completely check off and I always want to do more, but I am okay with where I am, and that's the best gift I have given myself since Mianry was born!

Logan is || Taking ever single opportunity he can to spend time with Cannon before he leaves for a month ish.

The dogs are || Every single day, Rucker becomes more and more comfortable with Cannon (I think meal times has greatly impacted this). They are beginning to play together and I love it! Cannon likes to hold Hollie, and of course pull her hair. It is such a blessing watching Cannon develop a different relationship with each of his dogs.

What I want to remember || All the jibber jabering. I love pretending like I can translate Cannonese!

Chelsea Farley