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Front Porch Stories

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Cannon Knox || Seven Months

- Crawling has quickly become perfected.
- You pull up on anything and everything All.The.Time
- Supported steps are being taken.
- You flew on your first flight.
- You went to you first sporting event- your Shi's softball game.
- Just looking in your direction will make you smile.
- You are learning to wave and clap, but these are a work in progress.
- You are successfully using your sippy cup.
- Attended your first craft sale/vintage market/antiquing shannanigans

Loves || Giving kisses, pulling my hair, Rucker and Hollie, playing with daddy, eating/food and "milkies", you reflection, faces, "chatting," socializing, bath time, your toys, emptying any basket you can get his hands on, patty cake, being worn in your baby carrier, chewing on anything and everything, music, being somewhat mobile, naps with mom or granny or anyone else who will hold you long enough for a little cat nap, being tickled, trot a little horsey.

Hates || Diaper changes, you car seat, being tired, and being hungry.

Clothes || Somewhere between 3 to 9 months depending on the style and where it is from.

Weight || I'm fairly certain you just went through another growth spurt. I'm think you are somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds and making you way to 27 inches long.

Diet || You eat everything! I did have a note in my phone documenting every day you tried a new food, but you have been trying new things faster than I can keep up with. Just let it be known, you never meet a food you don't like.

Health || While in Tennessee we learned you definitely have your dad's allergies. I'm sorry buddy, you have his cough and snotty nose, but luckily you are otherwise healthy.

Sleep || We were home visiting our family in Tennessee for most of April. While we are away, we stay very busy and schedules go out the window. You stopped sleeping through the night. It's a totally bummer! You also seems to be dropping your long morning nap. You have recently been taking a longer nap once a day and two short catnaps.

Mood || Cannon, you are the happiest boy in the world as long as things are going the way you want. Little man, you know what you want, and when you want it!

Milestones || You gives hugs and kisses, reach to be picked up, respond to your name-most of the time, has developed some separation anxiety, but it isn't bad or consistent. You seriously love playing with your toys. Just a couple days ago, while I was cooking dinner, I looked over at you. You were sitting beside your toy basket with a toy in your hand, studying it. Watching you learn is one of my absolute favorite things!

Nicknames || Can Miran, CanCan, C, Budds, Buddy, Little man

I am || A little sleep deprived but learning to appreciate it along with all the other challenges that come with being a mommy to an infant. This is a short season, and it will be greatly missed!

Logan is || Glad we are back home and he can see his little man again! I could tell Dad missed you so much!! You both really love having your bro time and playing. Your dad is such a great dad!

The dogs are || Relatively the same. You pull Hollie's hair by the handfuls and chance you get and she just lays there. Rucker is still somewhat sketched out hen you chase after him, but he is quickly adjusting to you, and beginning to initiate more and more interactions with you.

What I want to remember || Your smile. You give us the biggest smile anytime we look in your direction. Your eyes light up, and so does the room!

Chelsea Farley