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Cannon Knox || Two Months

Y'all, I have lost my damn mind! Would you judge me if I said I did not realized I had never posted some of Cannon's monthly updates? Apparently, I missed posting months 2-5-whops! I don't know how much y'all really care to read his monthly updates, but if you do care, I guess it is a good thing I went back to share his monthly updates leading up to his 11 month update!

Cannon’s Two-Month Stats:
-10 lbs 2 oz
-21 ½ inches

-Received first round of vaccinations, like a champ might I add. The nurse stuck him with all three needles really quickly and I scooped him up right as he started crying and just like brave boy, he stopped crying!
-Finally moved out of Carter’s newborn size and is wearing their 3 month size and 0-3 months for all other brands.
-Size 2 diapers (C was in NB size for roughly a month. Sz 1 for the time it took us to use a box, then on to sz 2).
-C loves to practice standing and sitting.
-C scoots himself all over the place.
-C’s sleep is very inconsistently. Some nights we can get a long stretch and other nights I feel like we are up all night long.
-C is still lacking in the hair department.
-Diet consist of breast milk
-C is extremely “talkative” He loves telling everyone he is “goooo(d).”
-C has started smiling as well.
-We purchased a Mamaroo just a few days before C turned two months. So far he is not a fan, but we are working on it.
-Hollie loves to hang with Cannon. Rucker is still very unsure about Cannon and what exactly he is.
-C looks at patterns
-C looks flickering candles.

-His car seat
-Mom’s boobies
-Being held like a monkey (or football)
-Mister Fan (said in a French accent)
-His car seat toy
-Baby Wearing (but only outside the house)
- His play gym

-His paci
-Dirty diapers (wet or poos)
-Diaper changes
-When the car stops

Two Month Baby Gear:
-Lille baby carrier
-Play gym
-car seat
-Kate Spade diaper bag
-HALO sleep sack
-White Carter’s long sleeve onesies
Nicknames: C, Bubby, Baby Boy, Nuggets, The baby, Angry Elf

It is so interesting looking back at this update. I can tell I quickly hit the highlights, probably so I could lay down for a nap. Y'all, we were so tired when he was two months old. He was not a good baby, and adjusting to parents was hard. I do plan on diving deeper into some of the challenges we faced as first time parents, adjusting to life as a momma- specifically a stay at home momma, things I would have done differently, and all about our first year in parenthood! 

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