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Cannon Knox || Eleven Months

Loves || his dogs, his blanky (it's his new thing), helping unload the dishwasher, emptying cabinets, brushing his teeth, having his hair brushed, his new tricycle, drinking from a sippy cup, reading books, destroying the livingroom, tractor rides, Kabota rides, being the center of attention,  starting to have some interest in television, talking, people, music, eating, let's just say Cannon loves almost everything!

Hates || Diaper changes, not getting his way, not being the center of attention, and most of all, the car seat! Oh my gosh... this a traumatic experience for all involved, including innocent bystanders.

Clothes || Slight change in clothing department this month; Cannon is somewhere between 6-12 months in clothing (depending on where they are from, and how many times they have been washed), size 4 in shoes, and size 4 diapers. We are buying 12 month clothing for Fall.

Weight and Height || I have no idea, but he is HEAVY! We do not have a doctor's appointment this month, so I am left with guessing that he is around 19-20 pounds and 28.5-29 inches long.

Diet || Cannon is without a doubt weening himself. He nurses really well first thing in the morning, maybe once or twice during the day (but it's more like a snack), and sometimes he nurses well at night, other times it's just a little snack.

Teeth || Cannon cut four teeth this past month. He now has four on top, and two on bottom. And we can already see the outline of the next four on top.

Health || Thankfully, Cannon is still a very healthy little boy!


Sleep || Cannon is on a pretty good schedule. I thought he was transitioning nap times, but since he has started walking/running, he is back to two naps a day. Typically, he sleeps for around 11-12 hours at night, a two hour nap in the late morning, and an hour long nap in the afternoon. I am so thankful he is such a great sleeper now.

Mood || Cannon is the happiest baby in the world, sriously!! However, he is like his mamma, and can be moody if things aren't going his way! He can quickly turn on the drama and throw a fit like nothing I have ever seen before. I'm talking head thrown back as far as possible, screaming at the top of his lungs, completely limp body; this boy can turn it on!!

Milestones || Cannon had a huge month. Logan actually made the statement he left a baby and came back to a toddler. He is 100% walking, and at times almost running. Last week we went to a museum and Cannon walked almost the entire time... 7 floors. He waves, claps, plays peek-a-boo and patty cake, winks, gives hugs and kisses. He dance, and is working on feeding himself with utensils. He can put his pegs in the holes of his pound-a-peg toy. He also says, "bubba," "Dada," "hi," "bye-bye," and "yea," He shakes his head "no" at every question. He is always busy working on things, and exploring everything around him. He is a very busy little boy!

Nicknames || We are pretty much down to Mirany and Cannon...

I am || Thoroughly enjoying my boy!! There are the days I was most excited about, and we couldn't be having anymore fun. I am also enjoying planning his first birthday party!!

Logan is || So glad to be back with Cannon after being away for almost a month. They are best friends. It makes me so happy!

The dogs are || Finally coming around. Cannon loves hugging Hollie and she is the best at just laying there and letting him hug her. Rucker will finally let Cannon cuddle him for a minute or so. It's a true breakthrough!

What I want to remember || Cannon's has started this thing, when he is really excited and laughing really hard, he pulls his legs up to him (obviously when he is being held). I find it to be the cutest.

Check out that little burn on his leg... Mom fail! Oh, and the knot on his forehead.

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