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Front Porch Stories

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Finding my Purpose

Seeking God's purpose for my life has always laid heavily on my heart. After the birth of Cannon, it became even more important to me, to understand why God had placed me here on this earth when he did. As many of you know, I had a difficult time transitioning from a wifey to a wifey and a mamma, causing a dark cloud over me, my life, and anyone who encountered me. But deep down I always knew there is a specific reason God has given me the life he has, and I had to lean on him to pull me out of my slump. In this time, it became clear to me that finding my purpose would give me the joy I was looking for.

I began reading my Bible twice a day and earnestly praying that God would open my eyes as to why I was here. What's my purpose? How do I get there?

Ironically enough, God quickly began opening my eyes to want he wanted from me, but I didn't want to do it. Yet, at least the seed was planted. I began pondering this. At the same time, God began pointing out to me things that I was not good at, but the desire to be better was now there.

I had just started a photography business, and l whole-heartedly believe that is my God given talent. But how could I turn that into my life's purpose? How was I making a difference? How was I honoring God? Were the two even connected?

Then, one day it clicked. I'm here to give love. Not to be loved, but to love others. I am here to serve others and give freely. That's what it is like to life in Christ and to be Christlike.

I cannot tell you how liberating it has been to make that realization. Even more reassuring, I have found ways to give and serve others through my photography business as well. My goal is now to love others, support others (especially women, and extra-especially mommas) and to lift others up in my prayer and my day to day life of treatment of others. God is so good y'all!

Chelsea Farley