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A Weekend at Magnolia

Over the weekend, we were lucky enough to head down to Texas for the Silobration at Magnolia. If you have been to Magnolia, you know it is a dream. If you haven't, just know it is like walking into an adult woman's fairytale- and probably her kids and husband'd too! I joke it's like adult Disney because people are working everywhere to make ever corner beautiful! Every detail is covered and then checked over again. I'm talking employees cutting dead flowers off plants with scissors. And before you pass judgement on that, think of it this way, someone who loves to garden now has a job doing something that sets their soul on fire! If that doesn't get your feels going, I don't know what will! I told you over on my Instagram that my Silobration experience was life changing, and it really was (but probably not in the way you are thinking)- I will get to that.


First, lets cover some of the logistics for any of you who may be planning to go in the future.

When || The past three years, the Silobration has been in the middle of October. I don't know this to be fact, but I think they *might* schedule around Baylor's football schedule because they use the stadium for extra parking.

Tickets || I double checked my emails, and tickets went on sale at the end of June. I'm not 100% sure when they sold out, but I know they did. Tickets were $25 this year but I wouldn't be surprised if they increase as a way of controlling crowds.


Dates || Dates for the Silobration where released in early April (I also went back into the dark cave that is my inbox to verify that) and we booked our hotel that day! And thank goodness we did!! The rooms at our hotel went up over $200 within just a few days!!

Planning your time || The Silobration kicks off on a Thursday, but the concert is only on Friday and Saturday nights. The vendors are only there for the Silobration so take advantage of those! The close shop at 6pm when the concert starts. The bakery is also closed. But the store and food trucks inside the gate are open! We grabbed dinner there and had a picnic on the lawn.


Okay, enough of that. I know there will probably be some question, and please leave those in the comments. I will do a full Travel Guide of Waco and Magnolia, but I am about to burst with excitement to get into the whole life changing thing.


A little back story- I am a firm believer that God gives us seasons- in fact, there is a bible verse supporting this (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Inside my seasons, he gives me themes. To be straight with you, this idea of themes comes from my MIL (justgiving credit where it's due). Sometimes I get themes that last a few days, sometimes months and sometimes they all start intertwining like a spider web. And that my friends is where we are right now.

I'm going to skip forward a little in the story (and come back to that another day). This Silobration fell on the 'weight' of the announcement that Season 5 will be the last season of Fixer Upper. Opinion on this have been loud and vast. So here is mine, "Good for them!" And this my friends is where it all came together for me. Without giving too much away, do you remember Chip's search for people to help make their dreams come true? Some of the finalist made their way to Waco and Chip and Jo gave away over $50,000 just the night we were there. They didn't give money to one person, they gave money to all three!! And the next night, they had three more finalist to love on.


Are you following me here? Chip and Jo not only made the decision to leave the show that started it all (for their family), but they are showering, serving and blessing others with their blessing! Maybe I am just overly sensitive because of where I am in my life but this rocked my world! I was so inspired and encouraged by this!! I left feeling so much hope for our world and my life. It gave my a clear vision on my goals, but also my journey and the hope that it could all become a reality and maybe even so much more! And this my friends is why I said my life was changed by a few hours at the Silos.