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Slow and Cozy Sunday


I don't know that I have ever been more ready to take on Monday. Y'all... that is seriously saying something, because I almost get the Monday dread every Sunday. This weekend was a lovely, slow and relaxing weekend. I had some time to almost catch up on work which is a victory all it's own. I had an opportunity to talk to several friends and family members, and it gave me time to reflect on so many things on so many levels-maybe I will share more of that soon. I am starting this week feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed and more organized than I have in some time! 


More importantly,  this weekend I had time to spend with God- to think about the direction he is taking my life. To understand the importance of slowing down and listening to where we wants me to go, having the courage to trust his plan and step back far enough to listen.

There are some seriously amazing this happening in our life right now and I could not be more thankful. I am thankful to God. I am thankful for friends and family he has blessed me with and I am thrilled to be meeting the people he is putting in my life and allowing me to learn and grow from. There are some exciting things coming your way; I hope you will stick around to watch it all unfold.

Happy Monday, and here's to a great week!