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Asher || 4 Months

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Our sweet Asher is just over four months and those four months have passed in a blink! Our sweet boy has called two states home and already been to four. He is a beautiful cuddle muffin and as sweet as can be. However, he refuses to be out shined by his big brother and is develop quite the personality. He is relatively easy going; but if he doesn't like something he will not hesitate to let you know! His sleep routine is entirely unpredictable and he loves to eat!! 

I could have never asked for a better baby! He was the perfect baby God knew we need. His giggle and smile will stop you in your tracks. And if that doesn't get you, his eyes will. Everything they say about your heart growing is an inconceivable idea until you experience it and this sweet baby did that for us. 



  • Height & Weight || 13 lbs 11 oz,  24 inches long (in case you are a new follower he was 5 lbs 15 oz and 19" at birth)
  • He is over his activity mat. In fact, it has been behind the chair in out living room for over two weeks and he has be on it maybe once.
  • He can roll from his belly to his back. And rolled from hid back to his belly for the first time while I was typing this.
  • He chats NONSTOP!!
  • He loves to smile and laugh.
  • He is fighting HARD to sit up!! With support from us or the couch, he can pull himself into a seated position and hold it for just a few seconds.
  • Asher only dislikes a couple things. 1.) being hungry and 2.) anytime he feels like he is not part of the group.
  • He sleeps in a HALO sleep sack every night. Although, I recently heard of another brand I would like to try.
  • He is officially outgrowing his cradle and will be soon transitioning into the baby crib.
  • He refuses to take a paci and very reluctantly sucks his fingers or thumb.
  • He is in size 3 diapers.
  • He is hanging onto 3 month clothes but 6 months are just a tint bit too big right now.
  • He has discovered his feet and hands, and thinks they are pretty cool!
  • Loves bath time

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