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Preserving Memories

We recently found out our timeline for our upcoming move was pushed back a few weeks. That means it may be two to three more months before we even know where we are moving to. The uncertainty isn't the only terrible thing about moving, so is losing things.


The only thing we have been able to determine we lost during our last move, is the very first Cannon picked for me. It's possible the flower was lost before the move, but whatever happened, the flowers is no where to be found. The last time I remember seeing it, it was in Cannon's baby book, so who knows where it is now.


Cannon recently picked me another flower, and I wanted to add it to the first, when I realized it was missing. I did not want to chance losing this one, and quickly started looking for options to preserve this one. That's when I found Rachel with Rachel Keppeler Designs. She makes custom Essential Blossom Necklaces, among many other beautiful creations! We immediately got to work preserving the flowers from my little man!


Rachel has a ton of different options, and her turnaround time is unbelievably fast!! She has the most beautiful Natural Stone Collection. I have my eyes on some earrings from that collection. Her Dainty Collection has one of my favorite pieces she carries (Ox Horn Moon Necklace).  She also designs floral pillow cases, wall prints and coffee mugs. Check out her website {here} and place your order!! You can use code frontporchstories for 15%!


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